༄༅། །གནས་མཆོག་ལ་ཕྱི་བཀའ་བརྒྱུད་མི་ལ་རས་པའི་མཐུན་ཚོགས།


Nechok Lapchi Kagyu Milarepa Associaion was registered under the Nepal Government as a non-profit society on 15th July 1995. His Holiness the Drikung Kyagon Chetsang is our Chief Advisor; His Eminence Nubpa Rinpoche is our Director and Chairperson, and 7 other devotees of Lapchi as staff (executive members). These devotees from Lapchi are indigenous people of Nepal who reside in the dear the border between Nepal and Tibet (China).




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Lapchi Gonpa

Lapchi Trek (Road)

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Lapchi Milarepa Boom Tsok  2020. (25 May – 12 June 2020) 

Respected Sangha Members and Dharma Friends in Nepal or from Overseas, 

Great news! The itinerary of the Milarepa Boom Tsok (Hundred Thousand Tsok Offering Puja) has been confirmed. It will be from 25 May to 12 June 2020. We welcome anyone, whether a sangha or a layperson, to attend the puja in Lapchi. However, it is essential for all the participants to register with Lapchi Association in Nepal and attend the Puja under the arrangement of the association. For those who plan to attend the puja on their own, Lapchi Association will not be able to provide any assistance and support before, during, and after the puja. We seek your kind understanding. Thank you!      

Download the Registration forms link below. 

2020 Registration form_English

2020 Registration form_Chinese

 Itineraries of 2020 Lapchi Boom Tsok  

2020 Lapchi Itinerary_English

2020 Lapchi Itinerary_Chinese

lapchi Gonpa2
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