Lapchi Jamtse Kyi Khang (Lapchi Compassion Home) is one of the many projects of Nechok Lapchi Kagyu Milarepa Association (NLKMA). This name was kindly bestowed by His Eminence Nubpa Rinpoche. 

The primary motivation of this project is to provide education to the children who are from the village of Lapchi. Their parents are nomads and during the winter when it is too cold at the top of the mountain, where the upper village is, the family have to move down to a lower village at Numagnang, which is at a lower altitude and also known as the Winter Village. During the Nepal earthquake last year, many houses in the village and the usual routes from Lapchi to Numagnang were damaged. This becomes difficult for the family to travel with their herds and the safety of the children becomes a major concern as well.


Before this, there was a school being set up in the village of Lapchi by our association. However, due to a lack of qualified teachers and school facilities, among other problems, the school eventually failed to continue its operation. The people staying in the village are not properly educated as teachers. They are nomads. It is also difficult to get qualified teachers to stay permanently in Lapchi to teach and help the children. During then, we employed a Nepali teacher from another village and one Tibetan teacher to teach in the school. 

It is of course a very sad gesture to separate the children from their parents, but it is the decision of their parents, in the hope to secure food, a safe lodging and proper education that may change the life of the children, as well as lessening their heavy load to provide extra care for their little children. The children, aged 3 to 6 years old, were personally brought by their parents to us in Kathmandu after careful consideration. It is also out of trust for us and we take this very seriously. It is not as if we forced the parents to give up their children to us. We are also people of Lapchi. It is after a discussion with the villagers that we have come to the decision to help in this way. Now, there are 3 children between age 1 to 2 in Lapchi. Whether in the future these or other children from Lapchi will be sent to us or not will be the decision of the parents. However, we also have limited resources to open the opportunity to children of all ages, although we try to help the villagers as much as possible. Moreover, in Lapchi, children are expected to help in the daily house chores, like looking after baby yaks, and when they get older, they are also expected to help with herding the yaks (cattle), in order to help provide for the family. Unless we are able to provide for every family, it is impossible to expect every family to be at ease to send their children of all ages to school. Unlike in the West, children have better living condition and parents can quite comfortably afford things for their children, without having children to work.

There are currently 3 young caretakers – a female and two males, being employed to look after the little children at the rented hostel. They are young people from Lapchi, who have studied in India and returned to Nepal to serve their village. Since the village of Lapchi is a small one and everyone knows one another, the children are familiar and comfortable with them. This also provides a means of proper living for the 3 young people. They have been properly selected to look after the well-being of the little children in their care and we will also be there for the staff and the children whenever possible.

During the school holidays, if everything goes well, we also have plans to bring the little children home to Lapchi to reunite and spend some time with their parents and relatives. 

We hope these children, who are under our care, will in the future bring new hopes to the people and the holy place of Lapchi in their own ways, whether it is being morally and spiritually nourished themselves, teaching their younger generation, or serving to preserve the holy place of Lapchi and so forth.

Any donation in kind is really important to help the children. We hope to have your support and kind understanding.

We have also attached some photos of the children. We do love the children as our own and their interest is our primary concern, hence, this project is being set up.

Lapchi Small Children Education Sponsorship Program