H.E Nubpa Rinpoche & Sponsor of Lapchi trail project were supervise the current work progress and achievement. (8-18th May 2017)

Way to Lapchi, Now and then.   

Lapchi Snow Mountain is litter far away from Kathmandu and its needs to go for three days from Kathmandu. Long times before, it took 6 days from Kathmandu so, facing lots of problem for the lolapchi trail project 2cal people while they journey but, now a days have a bus services to Lamabakhar from Kathamndu for a day and then needs go by walk towards Lapchi Gonpa for two more days with good rest.

Lapchi Trek (Road)

One of our main problem was that, we don't have a good track (Road) therefore, many pilgrimages are not able to visit Lapchi for pilgrims and also facing lots of problems for local villages while, they come down to Kathmandu. Especially, the track (road) will be block and bridges will wash by Monsoon River therefore, no way to Lapchi during the summer season yet, few people visiting to Lapchi by Helicopter.

Nepal Earthquake Vs Lapchi Trek (Road lapchi potters)

After the massive Nepal Earthquake in 2015, which has destroyed many road trek of Lapchi and also had massive land slide from Lamabakar to Lapchi Gonpa. Later villages would repaired a trek for three days and it has used so far, Lapchi Association also took part in the road repaired.


road 1

Lapchi trail project from Lamabhakar to Godavari is going started from 3rd November 2016 and will finished at march 2017 as our hope. We hope all dharma friends will happy for our trail project while going for pilgrim at Lapchi in near future.

Future Plan

We have a great plan to make Lapchi road trek in better way, within this year so, Lapchi Associatiway to lapchi4on team has been visited to Laphci for road track survey. Our project will start on October of this year and we are going to wish, have a good and comfortable road at Lapchi in near future.