Lapchi Snow Mountain is situated in the Eastern part of Nepal, at a height of about 3,900 meters. Lapchi Snow Mountain is not only the speech of Yidam Chakrasamvara, it is also a holy place that had been blessed by Padmasambhava and many other great masters of high attainment from India, such as Saraha. The crown jewel of all these great accomplished master is the enlightened Yogi Milarepa (1040-21123) who mediated for many years mainly in the Snow Mountains of Lapchi and left sacred makes such as his footprints, sacred fountain and so forth at many sites. The founder of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, Kyobpa Lord Jigten Sumgon (1143-1217), also sent 55,525 disciples simultaneously to practise in Lapchi, in this sacred place, the practice of the Dharma has flourished like the rays of the sun shining upon the snow mountain.

One of the great masters Lapchi Namkha Gyaltsen practised in Lapchi for over thirty one years, and entered parinirvana there. There were many relics lift upon cremation of his body. This master said in his autobiography that meditating Lapchi enabled him to attain greater progress and realization as compared to meditating in other place.