Repaying Gratitude Retreat Center (Tsothang) 

In the hill district of ‘’Tsothang’’ in Tatopani of Nepal, a Tibetan disciple has offered a small piece of land to Nubpa Rinpoche. This place is extremely peaceful and hence very suitable for doing retreats. From this place, it only takes three hours for walking to reach the mountain. It is also more convenient to send necessities up to the mountains from this place. In order to benefit practitioners who wish to undergo retreat and yet are unable to take the strenuous climb, Nubpa Rinpoche has accepted the disciple’s offering of land. Rinpoche intends to build a fifteen room retreat center at this place to help and support even more practitioners. In appreciation of the kindness of all mother sentient beings, Nubpa Rinpoche has specially named this retreat center 

‘’ Repaying Gratitude Retreat Center’’. Rinpoche also has plans to buy the surrounding land in order to expand the retreat center and enable even more practitioners to carry out their retreats smoothly.

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